Three Trust-Building Behaviours

There are three ways to build trust both for yourself and with your team: Create transparency this is telling the truth in a way that people can verify and validate for themselves. Keep your commitments failing to complete commitments will deplete the levels of trust others have in you. This occurs when you overpromise and… Read More

3 Elements for Guiding Effective Change

Research has found that over 70% of all change initiatives fail.  In a world of accelerating change you and your organization have to adapt. As leading management guru, Professor Gary Hamel said: “Today, the most important question for any organization is this: are we changing as fast as the world around us” The problem is… Read More

The Power of Golden Silence

Using silence to find out more Silence is a powerful way by which you can elicit more information from people you are talking with – especially when talking with customers or interviewees. A Golden Silence is when you pause, deliberately, so that you can listen without thinking of what you are going to say next.… Read More

Why We Fail to Make the Right Impression (& What to Do)

Why we sometimes fail to come across as we intend. We often want to make the ‘right’ impression, but inadvertently end up making the ‘wrong’ impression. This can happen with your boss, a potential employer, or someone who represents a romantic interest – in fact, anyone with whom you interact. This can happen despite our… Read More

Keep a Meeting Focused & On-Point

Four tips to stop meetings being hijacked We’ve all experienced meetings where, despite our best efforts, we have found the meeting hijacked. For example, where someone is persistently interrupting or dominating the conversation, where someone continually goes off an unrelated tangent and side-tracks the conversation, where they go into extensive and unnecessary detail, or where… Read More

Understanding versus Doing

Understanding something does not mean you know how to do it. People often confuse understanding something and doing something. There is a common misconception that because we understand something we can do it.  This misconception, or misunderstanding, creates confusion. Think of a time when you have explained a task to someone. You have asked them… Read More