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At Blue Sky GPS (Growth & Profit Solutions) our mission is simple: To help you develop you and your people’s capabilities, capacities and to leverage you experience and expertise  in doing so.  From this we look to help you develop your people to be able to pursue more meaningful and valuable work, and for you to build a team and business that helps you to achieve your goals and to live the life you want to lead.

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And it’s not necessarily those who spend the most…. The squeaky wheel is the one that gets the oil. We all know that. And the customers that complain are the ones we listen to, and with good cause. But when we do so we often forget to pay sufficient attention to our other customers. Because… Read More

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Perspectives on culture There is a lot of discussion about the importance of culture in creating and driving a high-performing business.  We all “know” what we are talking about, but none of us can clearly define it. As a result we all have a common and shared understanding of something we cannot articulate and agree… Read More

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3 reasons why the customer is not always right One of the oldest adages for customer experience and customer service is “The customer is always right!”. Sorry, I don’t hold with that. Why? People assume that it is better to keep a customer rather than alienate a customer. But often this is not the best… Read More

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How you say what you say can make you more powerful! How you say what you say matters! It matters in two ways: firstly, it reflects how you perceive things and yourself; and secondly, it affects how others perceive you! If you sometimes feel that you are not expressing yourself strongly enough, or are not… Read More

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You have nothing to fear but fear itself At work one of the things a person fear most, and actively try to avoid, is having a difficult conversation with a boss, a peer or a report. Let’s face it, we don’t like it as it represents the unknown – whenever you enter into a difficult… Read More

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Which answer do you think is most common? Strangely enough, the answer is probably both! Marshall Goldsmith shares a story: One night over dinner, I listened to a wise military leader share his experience with an eager, newly minted General, “Recently, have you started to notice that when you tell jokes, everyone erupts into laughter—and… Read More

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